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[FAQs] Frequently Asked Questions (UPDATED: 150409)

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Author Topic: [FAQs] Frequently Asked Questions (UPDATED: 150409)  (Read 373 times)
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« on: November 21, 2008, 07:58:28 pm »

FAQ #1: How to make a thread?

Thread or also known as Message Board.

1. Click the board name (where do you think your subject and thread are appropriate).

2. Click the NEW TOPIC tab.

3. The new topic tab will lead you to the START A NEW TOPIC page.

4. Type in your subject and message in the message box.

5. Click POST or hit alt+s when done.

FAQ #2: Multiple Replies

Because of the House Rule #7, here's some tips how to replies in multiple posts in one post.

1. Click the QUOTE button.

2. After clicking, it will lead you the thread's POST REPLY page.

Note: Reply to the message after the poster's [/quote]

3. After replying and you still have some post to reply, scroll down your screen and click INSERT QUOTE.

4. Click POST or in your keyboard hit alt+s after replying to all your new replies from the thread.

If you are having a hard time in using the Quote feature. You can use @ member's USERNAME/NAME/ENDEARMENT - or anything that you can think similar to this.

Example: @ Rian - What's up?.
         @ Ate Kat - I miss you Ate!
         @ Sisters - Love you!! Mwahugsz.

FAQ #3: How to upload an avatar?

Avatar - your image.

1. Go to your PROFILE.
Click here

2. Click FORUM PROFILE INFORMATION. (Can be found on the left side of your screen)
Click here

Note: You have the option if you want to use your own picture or if you want to use the forum's available images. But in this case, I'll use my own picture. Please make sure your picture is 100x100 pixels.

3. Paste your image's URL in I HAVE MY OWN PIC box.
* You can host your image at Photobucket and TinyPic

4. You can also choose I WILL UPLOAD MY OWN PICTURE. Just click the 'Browse' and select your picture.

5. You have the option if you want to add a PERSONAL TEXT. A text that can be seen at the bottom part of your avatar.

6. Then click CHANGE PROFILE.

FAQ #4: How to make a forum signature?

How to create a signature?

1. Go to your PROFILE.


3. Fill in the signature box of whatever image, quotes or links you want to put.

Reminder: Before making a signature, please read and understand the forum's rules about Signatures.

FAQ #5: How to send Private Message?

Private Message or most known as PM.

We have 3 ways to send Private Message:

1. By clicking the MY MESSAGES tab
        - Click NEW MESSAGES

2. By clicking the ONLINE/OFFLINE button (located below the member's karma)

3. By clicking the TALK BUBBLE icon (located below the member's avatar personal text)

When you click any of the button, icon or tab you will be directed to the send message page.

Note: When using Private Messages, you have to use the member's username.
You can save your message to your outbox by checking the box that says, "Save a copy in my outbox".

After typing your message, click SEND MESSAGE.

FAQ #6: How can I filter my personal messages?

You can filter your personal messages by using LABELS.

Click MY MESSAGES > At the sidebar of your inbox, you can see MANAGE LABELS.

Type your desired filter name. Then click ADD NEW LABEL.

In your inbox, you can now use your label by going to your certain message. The at the bottom right of the message you can see the label drop down menu box.

Choose your desired label for that message and voila! Your message is now filtered. You can do this as many times as you want in other messages.

FAQ #7: Do we have privacy in our personal messages here?

Yes. No one can read your personal messages here in this forum, not even the admins or moderators, unless you give your password to someone else.

Here are some facts about personal messages to prove it.

Personal Messaging

While email is a good way to correspond directly with members, it also has several drawbacks for forum purposes: you must open your email application to write and send the message, the recipient must open his/her email application and check his/her mail, your message will be mixed in with all the other mail and it can sometimes take several minutes to an hour for mail to reach the recipient.

As an alternative to email, SMF offers a faster, more private method. Personal messaging on the boards provides instantaneous delivery to the recipient's private mailbox. The mail is sent and received entirely through SMF, so neither you nor the recipient have to open another program or leave SMF. Personal messaging also offers both the sender and the recipient greater privacy because no-one's real email address is revealed. Personal messages show only the handle and name of both parties.

If a recipient isn't online, personal messages wait in the member's PM box until the next time he/she logs in and reads and/or deletes them. SMF Personal Messages is a self-contained, highly private email system.


Can admins control the personal messages of the members?
The answer is no. Here's the screenshot of the SMF Customizer's reply about this:
Click this.

To check this thread, click:

FAQ #8: New button

Did you know that you can see your last viewed page in one thread?

The answer is yes by using the new button.

Just click the new button (the blue button in between the thread's title/subject and number of pages)

And the button will lead you to your last viewed page.

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Q: Can I change my display name?
A: No. You cannot change your display name.

Q: Can I change my password?
A: No. You cannot change your password.

Q: Can webmasters see my password?
A: No. Webmasters can't see the passwords of the members of the forum.

Q: Is it possible for a webmaster to change the password of a member?
A: Yes. BUT password can ONLY be change by using the ORIGINAL/CURRENT password.

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