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June 06, 2023, 12:37:27 am
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Definition Of Terms & Forum Etiquette

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Author Topic: Definition Of Terms & Forum Etiquette  (Read 624 times)

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.it's over.

« on: December 07, 2008, 06:36:07 am »


What is an AVATAR?

A digital representation of a user in a virtual reality site.It can be viewed below the GND's username. The size should be 100x100 pixels only.

(appears below the GND's post) and could be in text form or image.

Posting nonsense, off-topic messages. It's a lot better to have a small number of sensible posts than a large number of meaningless posts. Posting "This is Spam" or "Spammer ka ha!" is not the way to fight back against flooding. Please use the "Report to Moderator" option to report inappropriate posts.

1. Sa mga ibang threads, may iba na pag walang naiisip na isulat, ang ilalagay na lang na reply ay yung “I agree”, ”Ditto”, ”Same here”..

2. Posts that contain only emoticons. ex.  Smiley  Tongue  Grin  Shocked

3. Posts that include “I don't know” or “ I haven’t watched/tasted it yet”
Obviously, these posts aren't informative and not sensible. This is a forum, remember?

Shotgun Posting
Shotgun Posting happens when the same topic is posted on several different boards, or across threads on the same site, at the same time, resulting into multiple threads. Please be aware of this. Please paki-report sa mga mods para ma-merge kaagad ang mga multiple threads.

Double Posting, also a form of "Shotgun Posting"
You posted the same message twice in a row. Hindi mo napansin, two (2) na pala messages mo. As in, right after yung pinost mo na message, nandun yung pangalawa mong post na yun pareho nakasulat. Sometimes by accident nangyayari yun, kasi twice na-click yung "submit post" button. View that certain topic,then delete it right away.

You posted more than two messages intentionally.

Flaming Fights
Publicly insulting/humiliating/hurting someone verbally. Posting topics like "The Anti-*insert member name here* Club", versus threads, and mga threads na nagpaparinig sa isang GND. Any arguments should be settled in private, through e-mail or Private Messaging.

Hijacking Another Poster's Topic
Hijacking a topic occurs when a new poster asks about his/her problems in a thread already opened by another poster seeking for help. While everyone is certainly welcome to  read and contribute to any topic, in order to avoid confusion, please start a new topic when presenting a new topic or problem.


Respect Others
It can mean many things, but here at GND  respect means not insulting, attacking or
harassing other members. If your message violates this rule, it will not be posted.

Forcing his/her opinions on others is a no-no.
GND 1: I like this movie/tv show and I can watch this all over again!
GND 2: I don’t care what you like, it sucks and it's really boring.

It is alright to disagree with one's opinion, however, forcing one's opinion on others and flaming a fight with them is not an acceptable conduct. This happens a lot on TV Talk.

No Abusive Language
Please self-censure and write your thoughts in a respectful way.

Don't Reveal Too Much Personal Information
Never reveal too much personal information in chat groups or forums! This includes your real name, where you live, mobile numbers,etc.

Stay on topic.
Please pay attention to the topics that you are posting, and check if it still relates to the flow of the forum to which you are posting.

Don't Flood/Spam
Don't make a post unless you have something relevant to add to the discussion. Make sure that you post your thoughts in the proper place (for example, don't post about a Love Problem on the BestBuds board), and don't post the same thread on multiple boards. RANK UP WITH DIGNITY.

Don't Type In ALL CAPS or StIcKY CaPS.
Typing in all caps/sticky caps is the same as shouting, so keep it gentle unless you're really excited about something. Please avoid StICkY cAps. It's so hard to read sticky caps and people find it too pa-cute or childish.

Please use standard size font when posting.
All caps or large or small fonts or all bold or italic is not only hard to read, it's generally considered poor forum etiquette. For example, all caps is considered the equivalent of SHOUTING.

Do not post new problems on someone else's thread.

That's called hijacking. Aside from being rude, your question may get lost in the shuffle.

Trim your follow-up message/quotes.
Do not quote the entire content of the message to which you are replying. Include only as much as is necessary for context. Remember that if someone wants to read the original message, it is easily accessible.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Webmaster Khay
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