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Title: Help Bulletin: All Members and Moderators, Please Read This! =)
Post by: Lorens_01 on May 03, 2009, 10:39:15 am
This Board is for those who have any problems regarding this thread. Kung may mga tanong po kayo dito, feel free to post them. For example, pwede nyo itanong dito kung pwede ba ipost ang isang specific topics, report some baddies and strictly no spamming in this thread okay?  :)

Moderator in Charge: Not Available

Sr. Moderator in Charge: reinmaster

They will be the ones who will answer you.  :) happy posting!  :)


All threads will be cleaned in a monthly basis, or every two months depending on the moderators and senior moderator's discretion. PLEASE POST IT HERE, the date and time to when you cleaned the board and who cleaned it para hindi po magulo buhay natin para we won't just rely on PM all the time.  ;)