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Title: GND Corporation House Rules
Post by: Webmaster Zie on November 21, 2008, 08:30:18 pm
GND House Rules:

1. Respect each other.
-This forum is for friendly use. Therefore, we should respect each other.

2. No posts made to hurt back.
-No fighting, etc.

3. Do not use shortcuts or text language and sticky caps (aS In tLknG lYk DiS)  
-Every post may contain 20 000 characters so there is need for you to limit and shorten the words that you are going to write.  And its a little bit  hard to read a sentence that is written in a sticky caps.

-Posting of e-mail address, promoting other site, etc.

5. No posting of contact numbers and email addresses, whether it be in the signature or otherwise.
-This is for your own good. To keep everyone safe.

6. Avoid off topic replies.
-Stay on topic.

7. Refrain from double, triple, quadruple (and etc.) posting.
-If you forgot something to write and you've already submitted your post, you just have to modify it.

8. Avoid using too large font sizes and fancy fonts.
-Moderators and admin are exempted since this is use for some announcements.

9. No bashing of schools or persons.

10. Do not curse or post any vulgar words.

Thank you for your cooperation. Good day everyone.